Linux TimeZones Setting

Linux TimeZones Setting


During the daily standup, it was pointed out that the timezone across Nautilus Application Servers in Stratos Datacenter doesn't match the local datacenter's timezone, which is America/Asuncion.



We have three App Servers in which we have to update the timezones to America/Asuncion if not already to it. Therefore it's just a matter of accessing each server and using timedatectl to update the timezone. Repeat the steps below for each server:

  1. ssh into the App Server with login details above:

  1. View the currently set Time Zone to determine if it needs to be updated. Update if not set to America/Asuncion:

    Looks like it needs to be updated. We can do so using timedatectl set-timezone ZONE command. Reference timedatectl --help for other commands.

Learning Takeaways

A great command to keep in the toolbox. Never had any use for it before, but I just used this to update my timezone to America/Edmonton on my local ubuntu server. Granted, it won't pay any dividends, other than when running the date command to give the current time in MST.