Today I Learned: Series Can Be Edited in Post

I learned today that my main blog posts should be called "Today I Learned"s. I'm surprised my last post was over two months ago. I've been working on my new Chrome extension project, Chorus, making features, fixing problems, and getting it ready for a public introduction here, on LinkedIn, and/or Twitter. The project series will demonstrate how to build these features, illustrate how to automate releases, and explain how to upload and publish to the Chrome dashboard. Additionally, I have established guides for open-source assistance and created templates and comprehensive guides for contributors to resolve issues.

While working on the extension, I learned a great deal about GitHub Actions, creating tags and artefacts for releases, and utilizing the Web Audio API to incorporate effects such as reverb and pitch shifts on audio. However, I felt I couldn't write posts about those topics until I had officially released the extension to the public. Moreover, I hadn't begun planning how to incorporate it into the series. This wasn't ideal. I need to transition from series-focused posts to standalone posts, which can include quick thoughts, intriguing features and/or bugs I encountered, life and career updates, and more. Then, perhaps, I can group related topics into a series.

That's it. Simple and short. I hope to keep a steady pace by reducing the pressure of having many planned posts on a subject.

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